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Ever heard of Nomophobia? It is the fear of not being near your phone. With these teeth-breaking new terms and the greater usability of a smartphone, comes the proliferate usage of social media platforms.  Platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube engage millions of consumers daily and have become the primary mode of communication today.

The No.1 rule of marketing is ‘Be where your customers are’.  Since every one of us has bowed to the mighty web and social media, it has become the platform for advertising and marketing as well.
Creative content creation and social media marketing go hand in hand. Catchy and engaging content not only drives more traffic to your website through user-generated methods such as likes, shares, reposts or reviews but also strengthens your brand image in the mind of the consumers and ultimately increases customer loyalty. Was that a lot to take in? Relax, Digital Brandwala is the savior for all your marketing needs. From mind-boggling content creation to social media engagements, you will find a 360° solution to strategic marketing here.

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Most Popular FAQ`s

  1. Creating and sharing valuable content.
  2. Building and engaging with a community.
  3. Paid Advertising
  4. Influencer marketing.
  5. Measuring and analyzing results.

As per the study, in India, around 66% of the population uses social media on a daily basis. It’s a significant number and it’s continuously increasing with the rise of smartphones, data availability and affordable internet plans.

A social media calendar is a tool used to plan and schedule content for social media platforms. It helps to organize posts, track performance, and ensure a consistent presence across multiple channels.

  1. Increased brand awareness.
  2. Targeted advertising.
  3. Cost-effective.
  4. Measurable results.
  5. Increased website traffic.
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